10 Top Tips and Advantages of Box Storage in Spain

Box storage in Spain is one of the newest storage concepts to be offered in by uStore-it, based in Manilva, Costa del Sol.

uBox-it offers an all-inclusive storage service which means you can have your boxes delivered, picked up and delivered to store without even leaving your front door.

In five easy steps:

  • You book your boxes online at uStore-it or call us to order them
  • We deliver your boxes within 24 hours of your booking request
  • You fill them
  • We pick the boxes up at your address in Spain
  • We store your boxes in our secure warehouse
  • We redeliver them at your convenience

We charge €3.95 per box to be delivered to your address in Spain, picked up and delivered to store and €4.95 to store each box in our secure warehouse per month.

Ten top tips and advantages of using uBox-it in Spain include:

  1. Secure storage without leaving your front door – we deliver the boxes to you.
  2. You pack the boxes, which means you can prioritise where fragile goods are stored in the boxes and how you want them packed.
  3. We deliver strong packaging materials if required so you don’t have to make a separate purchase.
  4. We pick up the boxes in Spain at a date to suit you.
  5. We deliver the boxes to our secure warehouse, so you have peace of mind, knowing your goods will be returned to you damage-free.
  6. Box storage can save you time and money. You don’t have to go out and buy boxes or deliver the goods to store. We make the whole process as stress-free as possible.
  7. You can store your personal goods or commercial goods in box storage – giving you the freedom and flexibility to have your goods delivered where and when you want them in Spain.
  8. The boxes we deliver are made of double-walled corrugated cardboard for extra strength. Strong boxes and packaging materials ensure your goods are stored safely and redelivered damage-free.
  9. uBox-it is the ideal storage solution for busy people. Whether you are storing business items or personal goods we will pick up your storage totally at your convenience.
  10. Whether you want to store your goods for one month, one year or more, our conditions are flexible and you can even get discounts on large volumes of boxes.
  11. Whatever you want to store, uStore-it offers you a first class box storage service in Spain which is hassle-free.