The Top 10 Places to Visit in Spain

Spain is one of the most popular tourist and holiday destinations in the world. Blessed with a rich historical heritage, there are many places that you can visit in this country.


The Cathedral of Cordoba has a long history. It was first used as a mosque before being converted into a cathedral. In the medieval world, Cordoba was one of the most notable cities with the largest mosque in the western world. This is because it was largely occupied by Muslims who settled in the Iberian Peninsula.

A walk across the street will provide you with a chance to explore the magnificent Mezquita along with other beautiful structures in the city of Cordoba. Along the side walks, you will find bars and restaurants. Visit Cordoba visit in May during the Patios festival.


Founded in 1221, the Cathedral in Burgos is the most notable landmark in the city. Burgos has come a long way since the 13th century. UNESCO awarded it a world heritage site award. In this city, you are guaranteed to find the best gourmet Tapas in the whole of Spain. The old city wall is also a sight to behold in Burgos.

When going to this city, it is important to know that there are no direct international flights to Burgos. However, you can fly to Bilbao and get a connecting flight to Burgos, a distance of about 97 miles.


Salamanca, lying closer to Portugal, is loaded with beauty. Salamanca is 200km west of Madrid. Plaza Mayor is an elegant city square. Residents of this city are considered to be the ones speaking the purest Spanish, hence the number of language schools here.

Salamanca also boasts of one of the oldest universities in the world. It attracts students from different parts of the world who come to benefit from the world acclaimed institution. The sandstone structures from this city make it look unique.


Seville boasts rich architecture and ancient buildings that make it one of the historical-rich cities that you can visit in Spain. Plaza de Espana, the cathedral and Alcazar palace are one of the places where you can visit while touring this picturesque city. In addition, you can visit the Jewish Quarter of Santa Cruz and enjoy a wide range of Jewish history. The city is accessible with Seville international airport welcoming international flights.


Toledo was Spain’s former capital and boosts of many magnificent monuments that dates back to the 15th century. The city is surrounded by river Tajo on three sides and boosts of numerous cultures. Christians, Muslims and Jews have lived in this town in peace for many years. You can have a lot of fun walking along its narrow streets. To reach this city, from abroad, you first must land in Madrid before finding your way to Toledo, a distance of about 72 kms.


This is an architecturally endowed city that has a lot to offer to visitors. Blesses with the Mediterranean beach, Barcelona is a city like no other in Spain. La Rambra street is one of the must see places in Spain. Also, you must visit the cathedral of La Sagrada Familia. That will crown your trip to this city. It is accessible as it receives international airlines.


With attractions such as the grand Alhambra Palace, Tapas and the magnificent Mirador de San Nicolas, Granada is a must see for all. You also can fly into this city with ease from anywhere in the world.

Santiago de Compostela

Known for the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage event each year, Santiago is an old town in Spain that boasts a wealth of heritage. You get good eateries in this city serving Spanish delicacies.


If you want to feel the breeze along the beach, then Cadiz is the city for you. This city has good sandy beaches with plenty of sunshine and myriads of sea food. You can climb the Torre Tavira watchtower to have a bird’s eye view of the city.


Madrid, the capital of Spain, is considered the party capital of the country. It has hundreds of nightclubs and bars. With museums, parks and historical monuments, Madrid will add to your travel itinerary in a big way.

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