The Top 10 Things to Do In Benidorm

Benidorm is one of the best places to visit in Spain and is very affordable. It offers a lot of value for money especially when you consider what this city has to offer.

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In this article, we look at the best activities and adventures that you can find in Benidorm:

Accommodation is also very affordable in this city. There are numerous hotels and residences where you can spend your time while in Benidorm.

1. Have a picnic

A good picnic site in Benidorm is around the Algar falls where you and your family will have a place to rest and have fun as you enjoy the amazing views around this place. You can have a lot of fun and excitement at Algar. Enjoy eating al fresco at the picnic site after a dip in the crystal clear waters. Take drinks with you as well as some food so you can spend the whole day at the Algar falls.

2. Old town

The old town in Benidorm is an exciting place to visit for the whole family. This is because if has good streets where you can walk around and enjoy the views. You can have a lot of fun here. From buildings that date back to centuries ago, people visiting Benidorm can choose from a diverse range of attractions. Enjoy the architecture in this town and take lots of pictures.

3. Guadalest trip

During the day, you can visit Guadalest which is one of the most exciting places in the whole of Benidorm. Guadalest has a castle which can be explored. With the tranquility and serenity of this place, it is no wonder that many families like coming here to relax and explore at their own pace.

4. Beaches

Costa Blanca in Benidorm is one of the best places in Europe for beach holidays. With clear waters and long, sandy beaches, the Costa Blanca is a great place to come for sunshine, swimming and water sports.

5. The Penon de Ifach Rock

The Penon de Ifach rock is another important thing to see in Benidorm and is the backdrop of Calpe.

6. The Castle

Castillo de Biar is a magnificent castle that people can go to see and visit while in Benidorm. This castle has good views that present people with a chance to admire the 13th century architectur. It has a watchtower that offers spectacular views of Benidorm.

7. The traditional markets

If you want a sense of tradition and ambience, you have to visit the traditional markets in towns all over the costa Blanca. Lively, colourful and selling a range of goods from handicrafts, leather goods and local produce, the town markets are a sight to behold.

8. Party

There are numerous fiestas in the region that you can attend for free. Knowing the dates when such happenings are coming is a sure way to know when the best time to have fun in this part of town is. Every town holds an annual festival or feria with dancing, live music, processions and fun events.

9. The Mediterranean Sea

The Mediterranean Sea is a good spot for those who want to have fun in Benidorm. Whether you want to cycle down the promenade, go kite surfing, wind surfing, swimming or jet skiing you will find a vast range of things to see and do close to the seaside.

10. Nightlife

The Costa Blanca and Benidorm in particular is famous for its nightlife. Clubs often don’t open until midnight and stay open all night long. Live music bars and late night pubs also open until the early hours of the morning.

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