All the fun of the fair – San Pedro Feria, 14-19 October, 2016

Festivals in Andalucia are celebrated with great joy and passion, and none more so than the San Pedro de Alcantara Feria being held from 14-19 October, 2016.

Fairs are an integral part of this stunning destination with special social and religious significance. Different towns in Andalucia have different ferias or fairs and each of them is celebrated with lot of pomp and show. You really have to possess superhuman powers to follow each of them. The summer annual ferias started in the middle ages. Seville is the first city to host a feria in April and San Pedro de Alcantara is the last in mid-October.

The Day Feria

The streets of the town are decorated and closed to traffic to avoid any kind of disturbance. Tables and chairs are placed right in the middle of streets with music playing in every corner. Bars and restaurants serve food and drinks, typically including local hams, cheeses and sherry. Locals feel proud to boast all these festivals and visitors are always welcome to be a part of this annual feria. Now most of the day fairs are being organized at the ‘Recinto Ferial’.

The Evening Feria

At night, the fair takes place in the public fairground or Recinto Ferial. Casetas (tents) are set up by different associations, clubs and political parties of the town providing live entertainment and equipped with a full bar.

If you are not lucky enough to attend the fair, the ‘Caseta Municipal’ set up by the town council welcomes every individual. A traditional

amusement park is also created with lots of rides and other entertainment options for children and the first night of the feria usually sees half price rides for the kids.

Celebrities also take part in this grand annual feria. Some evenings are studded with top billing singers and other famous performers. The fair is free to enter.


Local men often wear the ‘traje corto’ and ladies their traditional dresses. But still in some towns like Estepona, San Pedro, Seville, Malaga and Jerez, people love to dress up traditionally. The official opening of the fair is marked with a stunning fireworks show. The next day just after the feria is declared is a local holiday to recover from the festivities. You can always refer the town hall website to know more about the dates and other details.

Festivals are at the heart of people’s lives in San Pedro de Alcantara and the whole of Andalucia. Do not miss these unique festivals to experience Spanish culture at its best.

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