Storing goods in southern Spain

If you are storing goods in southern Spain, make sure you use a reputable company with easy access and secure premises.

Traditionally, storage companies in Spain and the Costa del Sol offer container storage which often means you end up paying more than you need to, even if you only have a small volume of goods.

Self-contained storage companies offer different sized storage units so you can store everything from a small volume of storage, such as a set of golf clubs to a house full of furniture and only pay for the space you use.

The Costa del Sol enjoyed a property boom in the past ten years when thousands of new apartments were constructed from Sotogrande to Malaga. With so many people renting out their properties, selling, buying, downsizing and upgrading, demand outstripped supply for storage space.

Southern Spain attracts thousands of holidaymakers and golfers each year. It often works out cheaper to store golf clubs in Spain than to pay excess baggage charges every time you travel.

You can also store your sports equipment in southern Spain or your commercial stock if you run a business on the Costa del Sol.

Self-contained storage containers in Spain often work out much cheaper than renting additional office or shop space for commercial goods such as paperwork, files and boxes.

Use a storage firm in Spain that will give free advice about reputable removals companies in the area, and one that will advise you about adequate insurance. Many storage companies in Spain will allow you to insure your goods with their own insurer against fire, flood and accidental damage to give you peace of mind.

When packing your goods ensure you use proper materials, tape, boxes etc. which will keep your storage safe from damage.

Storage companies in Spain are also useful for house buyers who are sending their goods from the UK and elsewhere as they can receive and store goods if the owners have not yet arrived in the country.

Storing goods in Spain is much easier now than it used to be and prices, generally have come down as there is more competition.

Wherever you decide to store your goods, choose a company which is easily accessible from your address in Spain and one which will allow you to add to your storage if you need to or take it out without prior appointment.