Self-contained storage companies in southern Spain

Self-contained storage companies in southern Spain offer a choice of storage options so you can store everything from a set of golf clubs to a house full of furniture.

Are you tired of paying excess baggage fees to bring your golf clubs over from the UK every time you want to spend a week or two on the Costa del Sol? Now you don’t have to.

The beauty of self-contained storage in southern Spain is that we offer facilities to suit everyone. Whether you have a small amount of storage or a house full, we can help you. Many storage companies on the Costa del Sol charge per container. This means you could end up paying for space you don’t need.

What is the point of paying for a whole container if you only have a tiny volume of storage?

Storage in Spain which is flexible and accessible is popular with home owners, tenants and business owners who want to store commercial goods. Storing goods is much cheaper than renting another property to keep them in.

During the housing boom of the late 90’s and early 00’s in southern Spain, hundreds of home owners decided to store their goods when moving house, downsizing or renting out.

Choose a company which will offer reasonable prices, security and safe, dry, alarmed premises.

Also choose a storage firm with easy road access so that when you visit Spain you can add to or remove some of your goods.

Self-storage facilities in Spain have vastly improved over the past 5 years, and storing your goods is now a cost-efficient alternative to renting larger properties for storage.

If you live in Gibraltar, it is also a viable option to store your goods in southern Spain instead of searching for more expensive storage on the Rock. Storage in Gibraltar is expensive and it is not easy to find available and affordable storage facilities because of a lack of space.

Storage in Spain offers a choice of facilities in and near to the major resorts of the Costa del Sol. If you are looking to store goods short or long-term, Costa del Sol storage will give you peace of mind, knowing your goods are stored safely.

Also choose a storage firm on the Costa del Sol which will give you a no-obligation tour of the premises and one which offers full insurance cover against fire, flood and accidental damage to your goods.