Container Self-Storage on the Costa del Sol, Spain

Over 250,000 people now use self-storage in the UK, and demand for self-storage in southern Spain is now outstripping supply.

Self-storage eases the lives of many who intend to move or relocate or store their surplus goods. An increase in self-storage units on Spain´s Costa del Sol has made the whole storing process much more organised and manageable.

It is important to conduct research into the different stores in your area before choosing one that is suitable for your type of storage. Factors to look into include: convenience, distance from home, whether the company offers transportation for your goods, packing, safety and security of your belongings once they reach the warehouse and affordability.

Self-storage is now a viable option for people who try to cram their surplus goods into garages and basements. Self-storage provides a flexible and convenient option for home owners and business owners and is preferred to traditional container storage.

Self-storage units on the Costa del Sol, Spain can be accessed whenever the warehouse is open, and goods can be added and removed at will. All types of items can be stored in self-storage units including tools, vehicles, sports equipment, leisure goods, furniture, documents and commercial goods, conveniently and securely.

Many storage companies on the Costa del Sol rent out one-size containers for storage, regardless of how many items you have. In other words you may be paying for a 7m2 container which you only half fill.

Fully enclosed and self-contained storage units vary in size, ranging from small spaces ideal for sports equipment or paperwork to spaces large enough for a whole house full of furniture or even a car. By using a storage provider with different sized units you will only pay for the space you use.

If you place your goods in container storage, you may have to give notice of 48 hours or more if you want to remove or add storage. Often the containers are ´buried´ and have to be moved by forklift before you can access them.

Self-storage allows you to store anything you want, providing it is within the rules set by the storage company. You choose the length of the storage period, from one month or less to a year or more.

Compared to traditional storage, self-storage units are much preferred for their ease-of-use and accessibility.

Some self-storage facilities have added services that you will never get from traditional storage, including security systems with CCTV security cameras. Others provide climate control for your documents. Also there are multi-storey storage facilities with advanced security equipment. Payment methods are also flexible as most storage facilities do not require large initial payments and accept major credit cards.

Use a self-storage unit which is clean, temperature controlled and fully secure so that you have peace of mind when storing your goods. Check out the facilities before you make a final decision and ask as many questions and you deem necessary.